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About P.R.I.S.M.

PRISM stands for the Paulininan Roots, Identity, Spirituality and Mission. It is the thrust initiated by the SPC Education Ministry and has been carried out as one of the major Key Result Area of St. Paul University Manila that aims to form the values not only of our students but the whole community through revisiting and relearning who we really are and where we are coming from as Paulinians. PRISM has been further divided into strategies namely PRISM of the Head, PRISM of the Heart and PRISM of the Hands. PRISM of the Head are re-directed programs for deepened internalization of the Paulinian Identity. PRISM of the Heart is enhancing the Campus Ministry services to adapt its implementation in the new normal. And PRISM of the Hands pertains to improved projects for CES and Advocacy Groups to better serve the partners and sustain partnership especially during these difficult times.