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Exploring Innovation and Advocacy: Highlights of University Week Day 2

by Emmanuelle Clarisse Hernandez, Lana Zaliyah Mendiola, and Rae Margarette Sablaon | The Paulinian

University Week Day Two

Anticipation built up as the University Week's second day unfolded, featuring engaging discussions and innovations. The day began with the What Ifz, hosted by Ms. Yssa Jimenez and Mr. Grant Hilario. The first speaker was Ms. Jamie Manuel, a part-time faculty member, who talked about the what-ifs of becoming a writer.


The second speaker was SPU Manila alumna, Ms. Jessey Guiam, also known as DJ Raqi. Now working as a radio DJ for 90.7 Love Radio, she shared how her confidence and determination helped her to acquire opportunities in life, and how she journeyed from being a Paulinian student to being a radio DJ.


Meanwhile, the Paulinian Environmental Society (PES), led by moderator, Ms. Michelle Mijares, and core team head Ms. Ana Santillan, launched the KADIWA Food Caravan.


In collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, the KADIWA Food Caravan purposely aims to sell fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers in Camarines Sur, Pampanga, Zambales, and Bulacan.


The College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, in collaboration with the SPU Manila Pro-Life Organization and the Red Cross Youth Council-SPUM Chapter (RCYC), held their annual blood donation activity at Levesville Hall. The initiative aimed to raise awareness about the life-saving benefits of blood donation and encourage community involvement. With support from the PGH Blood Bank, the event ensured efficient collection and processing of donated blood, positively impacting many, including RCYC President, Maegan Niña Paduit.


The Paulinian Innovations: Demonstration and Exhibit captivated audiences at the Founder’s Lobby, spotlighting capstone projects from the Senior High School Department. Visitors were impressed by a range of innovations, including the Air Paulifier for air purification and urban gardening, the Cultivatron, designed to enhance crop cultivation, the Hydrokina aquatic robot for flood alerts and water purification, and the Paul Patrol for search and rescue missions. Among the standout projects was the Paulichair, a versatile wheelchair, offering multifunctional health assistance, including heart rate monitoring.