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OTG 2024: Grooving to Timely and Timeless Korean Pop Hits

by York Geralo | The Paulinian

OTG 2024: Grooving to Timely and Timeless Korean Pop Hits

The second day of SPU Manila’s University Week ended with the Out-to-Groove competition. Paulinian students and employees gathered at the campus grounds to witness the street dance competition. The event was organized by the Paulinian Dance Troupe (PDT), led by Ms. Hannah Bisco and Mr. Melvin Macuha, the organization’s president and moderator, respectively. The competition had the theme “Unleashing Your Inner Idol” and featured dance performances of K-pop hits.


The Paulinian Dance Troupe began the event with an opening performance to K-pop hits, including Psy’s renowned hit “Gangnam Style.” The hosts of the night hyped the audience and introduced the night’s esteemed judges: Mr. Carlo Torrijos, Mr. Rencel Beboso, and Mr. Sef Tolentino.


First to perform were the representatives of the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences (CNAHS), the Nightingales. The group danced to a medley of Blackpink songs, including How You Like That,” “Pretty Savage, and Crazy Over You. After their performance, the Nightingales shared that the group chose the K-pop group, Blackpink for their vibes, which for the team was a shared experience for themselves and the audience.


Up next was “UNA1,” the dance group from the College of Business and Management. They danced to the songs of 2NE1, a popular K-pop group among Filipinos. UNA1 resonated with the group as idols who were prominent during their early eras, bringing back their iconic hits, such as FIRE and I’m The Best.


Taking a break from the heated competition, the Paulinian Dance Troupe got back on the stage to perform an intermission number, featuring songs from the boy group, Seventeen. The crowd sang and grooved along as hits, including HOT and “Very Nice blasted through the speakers. OTG hosts then drew winners for a raffle, using numbers found in the tickets of audiences. A total of three prizes were given: hangers with partial figures of Seventeen members Wonwoo, Hoshi, and Mingyu.


The performances continued with CAS3, the group from the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education. The two-time defending champion team danced and stood their ground as they performed to a number of the K-pop group EXO’s songs, including Growl,” “Love Shot, and Ko Ko Bop.


Lastly, Grade 11 and 12 students of SPU Manila teamed up to represent the Senior High School Department. The group, named Between 11 & 12, grooved to TWICE’s discography, inspired by their album “Between 1&2” for their name. After the performance, the team shared their experiences, pushing through the competition despite starting preparations a bit late due to the existing workload.


After the performances, audience members participated in a random dance challenge featuring a set of shuffled, random K-pop songs. The three judges received certificates for giving time and sharing their expertise in dance to rate the performances. After each received their certificates, the judges individually showcased their talents on the dance floor with short numbers. All the competing groups then gathered at the grounds and rendered a unity dance.


Ending the night, tension and excitement filled the air as the groups settled down for the awarding ceremonies. Winners were as follows:


  • Champion: The Nightingales
  • 1st Runner Up: Between 11&12
  • 2nd Runner Up: UNA1
  • 3rd Runner Up: CAS3


St. Paul University Manila’s College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences emerged victorious as the Nightingales scored the highest points, cementing their status as the most outstanding idols of the night.