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CNAHS defends the crown in Mr. & Ms. Paulinian Ambassadors 2024

by John Nathaniel Mallari | The Paulinian

 CNAHS defends the crown in Mr. & Ms. Paulinian Ambassadors 2024

In the penultimate event of SPU Manila’s University Week 2024, students from all college departments, along with the Paulinian community cheered for their next Mr. & Ms. Paulinian Ambassadors. The search looks for students who represent the ideals of being a Paulinian and will be the next faces of SPU Manila. They are the ones who possess the brains, charisma, personality, and character that can represent the community and set the standards for future Paulinians.


All the colleges chose their best representatives in the competition, all worthy to be the next ambassadors. After a tough competition, and much to the delight of their predecessors, the titles went to Trisha Mae San Jose from BSN-3 and Zul Saki Tanggawohn from BSN-1, both from the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences.


In a show of fashion and charisma, all the contestants graced the stage and audience in their uniforms, casual wear, and festival costumes, representing different festivals across the Philippines. Though all were dressed in their fantastic garbs, the show stoppers came from the College of Arts, Science, and Education (CASE) and the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences (CNAHS), each receiving a special award in the Mr. and Ms. Festive Icon Category.


The title of Mr. Festive Icon was awarded to Clarence Matthew Jimenez who stunned everyone with his costume representing the Bangus Festival. Clad in glittering blues and exuding a confident aura, he brought the award to CASE.


On the other hand, Ms. Festive Icon was awarded to Trisha Mae San Jose.  Clothed in shining reds and glistening golds, she danced on stage with her Sto. Niño to represent the Sinulog Festival, showcasing a true festive spirit.


Of course, wearing elegant clothing is not enough to be the next ambassadors of SPU Manila. The ambassadors should also possess the brains, communication skills, and of course, values embodied by the Paulinian community. All of these were examined in the event's most grueling yet much-awaited Q & A portion-a test of quick wit and wisdom.


Ms. Christelle Abello, Bb. Pilipinas USA 2014 winner and Ms. Universe Philippines Aklan 2021 asked, “If you were to be the next Paulinian Ambassador today, what would you advocate for?”


Trisha, through a succinct and beautiful answer, said, “I would like to advocate for kindness and courage because I believe it takes a great amount of courage to be able to do the right things. And it takes a lot of kindness even to consider doing it. And adding a little bit of kindness in whatever we do can never be too much. “


To end her response, she quoted Mother Teresa as saying, “Maybe we cannot always do great things, but we can do the smallest and simple things with great love,” which reflects her belief in what matters most. Truly an answer that shows the best in Paulinians. 


Next, Mr. Kerwin Fortes, an alumnus and one of the Top 5 Outstanding Paulinian Students in 2010, asked Zul, “As a Paulinian Ambassador, what makes you a relatable Paulinian?”


Zul answered that his “courage, dignity, and integrity” make him relatable. These traits mark Paulinians as students and individuals. Further, he added "I do believe that quote from a beautiful Bible verse from Isaiah 60: 22, when the time is right, God will provide.” True enough, God would soon provide for him and his partner as they won the next Paulinian Ambassador and Ambassadress titles.


CNAHS has once again proved that they are a college of beauties and brains. Still, true Paulinian spirit can be found in all students of SPU Manila, as long as they carry the values of the institution in their hearts.