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  • College of Business and Management
    Business and Management

    St. Paul University Manila continues to produce innovative leaders in the Marketing, Tourism, and Entrepreneurial fields.

  • College of Music and the Performing Arts

    St. Paul University Manila’s Music Education is hailed as a Center of Excellence. Music is an unsung power in most societies. Music resonates from ancient period to our contemporary world. St. Paul University Manila enhances the importance of music education in the formation of character, balance between body and spirit, and in healing.

  • Education Program

    St. Paul University Manila’s Education program directs students to become secondary school teachers. The program aims to inculcate the importance of the curriculum, future educators would be empowered to provide a learning environment for the students and to continually develop themselves as professional teachers.

  • Nursing Program

    St. Paul University Manila’s Nursing Program is hailed as a the Center of Development. The Paulinian education in Nursing aims to strengthen Paulinian leadership, ensure that nurses play a crucial role not only in health care but policy-making and decision-making and to contribute to the effectiveness of healthcare systems in the Philippines and the world.